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The Salaam “A Piece of Peace” Fan Video


SalaamBy Amir Tavassoly

The Salaam Fan Video is a project made be Sami Yusuf fans from all around the world. This project had been filmed in seven different countries; Indonesia, Canada, Germany, Iran, Jordan, Rumanian and the USA. To get a better visualization of how our world will look like with peace, we have collected videos about unity, peace, and justice. The aim of this project is to bring people from all around the world (Muslim and non-Muslim people and countries) together and to revive the culture and traditions that each of us have. Also to educate others about the different cultures that exists in certain places of the globe.

The youth of Aceh, Indonesia has had a great contribution to this project. Through this video many countries have gotten the opportunity to get introduced to the Aceh culture, traditions, and dances they have enjoyed it very much have enjoyed it very much and are now practicing the Aceh tradition.

Having the Aceh youth involved in such projects about peace is a great contribution to spreading the message of this video. “We need to get the youth involved and get them to understand the real meaning of peace and why it is important, keep in mind that they are the ones who carry our next generation,” said John Halvaci a participant in the Salaam Fan Video.

The people of the world need to share the same goal and that is to bring peace, to help one another, and respect each other. If we share this goal together we can make our lives and others lives much more enjoyable.

Our hope is to convey the message that we are all one human kind, what we want for ourselves we should want for others. Just by doing this, it will automatically solve many problems and peace will begin to shine inshaa Allah. So please spread peace and believe that you can make a difference!

We have been released the trailer of this Salaam Fan Video. All of you should watch and share this trailer as support to Salaam/Peace spreading to the entire world. You can also connect with us on Facebook SyoMembersMusicVideo. The video will be released soon. Stay tune and keep sharing about it to everyone. (sender by @FitriyaniYusbar)

*SYO Members Music Video Canada

  1. thiena hafiz says

    Salaam Aceh Salaam Indonesia…
    salut untuk team Salaam Music Video Fans dari Aceh….
    salah satu langkah untuk memperkenalkan Aceh dan kebudayaannya melalui video ini..
    membangkitkan kembali semangat persatuan, menyebarkan pesan cinta dan damai…
    I’m proud of you my brothers and sisters from Aceh…

    are the hope for our globe…so let’s spread spiritique, love, salaam,
    smile and happiness, not only in Aceh, but in Indonesia and around the

  2. kut kut says

    So happy to c this… God bless my sisters and brothers who participated 🙂

  3. Alexandria_Girl2013 says

    Congratulations To The Great Work 🙂 Amazing..Happy To See It!Can’t Believe How Magnificent Ma shaa Allah

  4. Fitriyani says

    Thank you so much everyone for read, like and share this article. May Allah bless all of us with Salaam. Keep Spiritique! 🙂

  5. Aulia says

    Sukses selalu buat pemuda Aceh yang secara teguh terus mengenalkan seni dan budaya kepada dunia

  6. ocah says

    nice fitri !! peace from aceh to the world

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