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Preparing of Sixth Aceh Culture Festival has been 90% Finished


logo-PKA-6Preparing of sixth aceh Culture festival has been finished more than 90%, committee either every booth and bridge of representative district of Aceh, Tuesday (17/09/2013).

It has said by head of Aceh Culture and Tourism department, Adami Umar while preparing of medley dancing in front of main stage in Aceh Culture festival venue.

Adami also said that all of member in Aceh Culture festival that derived from every district, they will arrive this night in Banda Aceh with their all equipment. “In admistration 100% has finished” he said.

“Preparing of opening ceremony has been completed, refer to planning of corheo. All of preparing has to finish before opening ceremony are going to hold,” Adami said. (dev/atjehlink)

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