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A decade ago on 26th December 2014, the province of Aceh In the north-western-most part of Indonesia was devastated by a disaster of gigantic proportions that shook the world, known as the Aceh Tsunami.


After years of rehabilitation and restoration work, today the province and the people of Aceh have managed to overcome the catastrophe and continue with building their cities and their life. To remind us of this trageddy that occurred 10 years ago, the 10th Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster Commemoration will be held on 25th to 28th December 2014, centered in the capital city of Banda Aceh.


The commemoration is intended for people to reflect and remember the thousands who lost their life in this tremendous tragedy; a deep appreciation for the sincere response and sympathies extended by global communities for Aceh’s survival and redevelopment; and as media to raise awareness globally of the need for the world to be prepared for, and reduce risks in similar future disasters. The event will also be an occasion to promote Aceh internationally as a tourist destination.